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Mystery, Memoir, and Meaning!

Greetings! I'd be so pleased if you'd follow this link to my first newsletter post on Substack, "Mystery, Memoir, and Meaning," a newsletter about a novel, a quest, and a restless mind.

Future posts should land in your inbox with a pleasingly subdued, "Whump" and will be directly generated from Substack. Most posts will be chapters from my mystery novel, Dead Ringer.

If you are new to Substack, a lot of writers now publish their newsletters there: Cheryl Strayed's Dear Sugar, Jenny Rosenstrach's Dinner: A Love Story, Suleika Jaouad's Isolation Journals, Heather Cox Richardson's insightful Letters From an American, and hundreds of others. And bestselling authors are publishing new work — short stories and serialized novels.

So, here we go! A new adventure! Hope you will come along.

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