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Life Comes At You Fast!

I write to you from a hotel room in beautiful downtown Oklahoma City, bound for North Carolina. After taking Roadcinante off the market for some (more!) extensive repairs, I listed her again a week ago, a prospective buyer contacted me the next day, the day after that we spoke on the phone, and the next day — Thursday, in case you felt a disturbance in The Force — I signed her over to him. My traveling days in her are over, and the journey she carried me on a storied memory. I believe this next owner will love her as I have. Bittersweet, but mostly sweet. High time I'm back in the Carolinas.

(Crossing from NM into TX.)

I will say, though, I'm glad to have remained in New Mexico for monsoon season. Oh, my. It rained every day for over a week, this parched land drinking in the water, as did the birds and the trees and my dry, weary soul. Today when I drove under the sign reading, "You are now leaving New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment," I experienced a stab of sadness. I've loved my time in Albuquerque and hanging with friends old and new, and I look forward to returning some time next winter.

And...what quickly followed that bit of sad was a great big fit of glad, knowing I'm heading toward friends and family and the September arrival of my granddaughter, Virginia June! (Okay, all kinds of swoony just even typing those words.)

I'm still looking toward July or August for a move over to Substack where I'll share chapters of my mystery novel, Dead Ringer. I'll continue to post here on the blog from time to time, too, especially as I keep pondering faith-related questions that seem more and more at the fore these days.

In the meantime, wishing you bright summer afternoons and luscious summer evenings. May ease, and comfort, and delight in the small moments fill your days!

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