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After Darkness

Dear Ones,

I write to you from the other side of something, but I’m not sure what. On the other side of the Winter Solstice, the moment of farthest tilt from the sun, and hence the day of most darkness, having occurred at 3:02 this morning.

On the other side of Covid-19 that hit me like a freight train in late November, even though I’ve been crazy-careful, mostly staying in and masking when I didn't.

On the other side of my move to and settling – sort of – in Albuquerque that, after shelter-in-place was mandated, came to feel like the leap to hyperspace. Family and friends thousands of miles back in North Carolina. Plans to return to the mountains and fetch Roadcinante and move the rest of my belongings out here put on hold indefinitely. It has been dreadfully lonely. Even Beasley got so down in the dumps that I got him a kitten. They have become fast friends.

I did find a place to rent, a small adobe-style house in an old established neighborhood just blocks from UNM in one direction and Nob Hill and Route 66 in the other, although most shops and restaurants are still operating with great restrictions. I stick to occasional meal delivery and mostly cook at home.

Meanwhile, all of you have been much on my mind. I have been worried about everyone’s health and well-being. It is my fervent hope that you have escaped this dreadful virus. It is nothing to fool with. I fear it will be weeks before I feel anything like normal again.

And yet…work on the memoir continues! Progress is being made! Goals that I’ve set are being attained! I will keep you posted on that. In all of this upheaval, the one constant I knew I could return to again and again has been work on this book about the journey that changed my life. The writing has provided me with a constancy, a sort of North Star when all else has felt so unpredictable and up in the air. Perhaps you can relate to that “up in the air” feeling?!

The journey into darkness is of course necessary, built into the rhythms of the universe. Still, it cheers me to know that after today, the light begins to return, minute by minute, ray by golden ray. It is my hope the coming light is received as blessing by all of you. Wishing you all the joys of the season and better days in 2021, where I hope to "see" you more often.

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Steve Buckley
Steve Buckley
05 mei 2021

Hi. Read the article from Huffington Post published this morning.

Sounds like you have indeed endured a lot.

I'm a stage 4 metastatic melanoma cancer survivor who has experienced multiple surgeries, four years of chemotherapy and well over 120 diagnostic tests of various types to track my status.

I've lost my mother, several members of my wife's family, who were closer than my own family. My paternal grandparents, who were also closer than my parents. My wife and I never had our own children due to a variety of health issues that prevented us from getting pregnant.

I've been a follower of Jesus for 44 years next month. I've lost a career due to economic collapse, and cancer. I wa…

07 mei 2021
Reageren op

Thank you, Steve. Wishing you peace!

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