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A Heartfelt "How the Heck Are Ya?" and a Brief Post

Greetings, all you lovely people! I hope all is well with you and yours and everyone is enjoying the full beauty of spring!

I am now fully vaccinated and scheming on how to get back to North Carolina to see my kids (last time: December 26, 2019!) and catch up with friends and drink in those lush, green mountain views (and a bit of local brew). I'm betting lots of you are planning trips as well. These reunions are going to be epic. I am fully ready to be all hiccupy-sobby about the whole thing, and hugging may become my new favorite contact sport.

On another note, I'm pleased to share this link to my essay that appeared in yesterday's Huffington Post, (5/4/21) about coming to terms with the loss of my faith and embracing the continued spiritual journey. I'd be honored if you'd give it a read.

Finally, a huge welcome to all you new followers who may have found your way here after reading my essay. Thank you for taking the time to read, for all your thoughtful comments and shared stories, and for your kind words of encouragement. Welcome aboard! You'll likely be hearing from me every other week or so.

And now I wish you all peace, good health, safe travels, and joyful reunions. Grateful to be on this pilgrimage with you.

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